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Fuses, Breakers and Electrical Panel Upgrades in St. Catharines

JCL Electric knows that everyone depends on breakers, fuses and panels to provide electricity to every appliance. If the circuit breakers constantly trip, the lights constantly flicker or you’re able to operate only one or two large appliances, you should consider electrical panel upgrades. We serve clients in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Port Colborne, Grimsby and Fort Erie.


Outdated or incorrectly wired circuit breakers, fuses and panels could also lead to smoke damage and fire. We troubleshoot and identify any electrical issues by thoroughly inspecting the wiring, so you can enjoy regular electricity without risk. Our experts can also take care of kitchen rewiring and landscape lighting as well as replace your aluminum wiring with copper wires. Minor or major, contact us for any electrical requests you may have.

Why Upgrade Your Main Electrical Service and Panel

Your main panels may be old and have limited space to add circuits. It is also possible that your current panel may be of poor quality or doesn’t work anymore. You can then choose to upgrade your main electric service and panel. This will maximize the capacity of the current electrical service. When you hire our team for upgrading your electric panel, we also take care of your meter socket upgrade, the wire between the meter and panel, the wire between the utility and the meter as well as the grounding system. The knowledgeable electricians at JCL Electric ensure the electrical panel is repaired professionally.

Why Upgrade from a Fuse Panel?

Your insurance company may get anxious when they realize you have a fuse panel rather than a breaker panel system. This is due to the old screw in fuses. Your wire may be rated to carry a maximum of 15 amps. Now, if you plug in many devices in one circuit, the fuse could overheat and blow. While a larger fuse may stop the issue of the fuse blowing, your wire may be rated to carry only limited amps, causing a potential fire risk. This is why you should consider changing the panel from fuses to breakers. Make your residence safer with a new breaker panel. Our electricians can also take care of upgrading the fuse box to a 100 to 200 amp service.

What Is the Process of Panel Upgrades?

JCL Electric files for all the paperwork before the panel upgrade. We handle the required city administration and scheduling. While the job takes place, the power will remain disconnected and will be restored after the completion of work. Mostly, we can finish the panel upgrades with minimal disruption to the incoming power.

Our Upgrade Services

You can rely on our electrical experts for:

  • Service upgrades

  • Meter base repairs and replacements

  • Service mast repairs

  • Weather head replacements

  • New grounding systems

  • Complete house surge protection devices

  • Label household circuits on current panelsSubpanelss

Standby Generator Installation for Homes & businesses

You can always have modern conveniences with standby power. If you’re investing in a simple home backup generator, take the assistance of JCL Electric for proper installation. We can even install powerful, high-quality generators for distinct businesses and industries. Please note that we do not sell, but only install and perform wiring for the standby systems. Let’s discuss your needs today.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered Below!

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Blown fuse?

Call JCL Electric for a reliable fuse box upgrade and wiring replacement.

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